‘Mr Stranks’ specialist clinical interests are primarily in Hip and Knee Replacement and Lower Limb & Revision Hip Surgery but he has many years of expertise and experience as a general orthopaedic surgeon treating a wide variety of other orthopaedic conditions including the knee and hand.’


HIP SURGERY including Total Hip Replacement and Revision Hip Replacement; Hip Injection Treatment, , Treatment for Hip Pain, Trochanteric bursitis and tendonitis around the hip plus assessment of injuries to the hip.  Mr Stranks has great experience in Enhanced Recovery and Mini Hip Incision Surgery. For more detail see the ENHANCED RECOVERY page.

ASSESSMENT & TREATMENT OF KNEE PROBLEMS AND INJURIES: Injuries to the knee with meniscal problems, bony injuries to the knee, assessment of soft tissue injuries to the knee, arthritis within the knee – all three compartments or just single compartments. Knee Surgery operations include Arthroscopic Menisectomy and repair of Meniscus; Debridement of Articular Cartilage lesions and Microfracture; Total Knee Replacement and Hemi Knee Replacement (Oxford knee).

ASSESSMENT & TREATMENT OF HAND CONDITIONS AND INJURIES including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, Trigger Thumb, Dupuytren’s Disease, Ganglions, De Quervain’s disease, carpal metacarpal degenerative change and hand injuries.

GENERAL ORTHOPAEDIC PROCEDURES include Ankle Surgery, Elbow Surgery and treatment of Tennis Elbow & Golfers’ Elbow; Ulnar Nerve Release Surgery (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome).


Mr Stranks usually sees private patients at The Hampshire Clinic or Candover Clinic on a Monday afternoon, and occasionally at other times.

He usually operates privately at The Hampshire Clinic on Wednesday afternoons, but can also operate privately at The North Hampshire Hospital using the Candover Suite.

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