Mr Stranks has been involved in writing and assessing people for Medico-Legal Reports since 1993.

He has always tried to be neutral  and give a balanced medical opinion who ever instructs him. The majority of his medico-legal work is currently as a joint expert.

  • A solicitor or organisation instructing Mr Stranks as an expert will be the solicitor or organisation who will be responsible for the payment of his fees.
  • Separate fees are usually paid for answering questions pertaining to reports.
  • A report fee is charged based on the time taken for interview and preparation and the complexity of the report.


  • Basic report with examination and review of medical records:     £550-£700
  • Follow-up report with examination and review of updated medical records:    £500-£600
  • Supplementary correspondence and answering questions are charged by the hour at a standard rate of £360 p/hour
  • Court attendance is charged at a daily rate of £2500 p/day or part thereof. Unless alternative arrangements have been made, fee settlement should be within two calendar months of the date of the covering letter with the report.  Late payment could incur additional charges.


  • The provision of all notes and x-rays relating to a case is the responsibility of the instructing solicitor.
  • It is vital that Mr Stranks has copies of all GP’s notes, hospital notes, and all relevant x-rays at the time of the report interview.
  • Past medical history is a vital part of the medical report. If a report is required without the medical records Mr Stranks is happy to undertake this on specific instructions but a further charge will be made for specific review of medical records and x-rays.

For further information, please contact Mr Stranks’ Secretary