G and J Ortho Ltd Information and Data Policy


This information is available on our website (stranksorthopaedic.co.uk) and is downloadable. Some details are provided in a written communication prior to your first appointment (Terms and Condition Leaflet).This is the full policy document.


Medical Records and Data Storage


As medical practitioners we keep – and are obliged to keep for a minimum of 8 years – medical health records. Your medical records are accurate, contemporaneous records of care received under G and J Ortho Ltd. This is in accordance with the General Medical Council’s Good Medical Practice. In providing care, we must keep clear, accurate, and legible records which report the relevant clinical findings, the decisions made, the information given to patients, any drugs or other treatment prescribed and who is making the record and when.


The data in the records can include:

•       Personal data, such as your age, name and address

•       Consultation notes – information about your medical problem

•       Past Medical Problems – for example diabetes, asthma and previous operations

•       Treatments received or ongoing

•       Information about allergies

•       Your medicines

•       Any reactions to medications in the past

•       Medical test results such as blood tests, allergy tests and other screenings

•       Any clinically relevant lifestyle information, such as smoking, alcohol or weight

•       Hospital admission records, including the reason you were admitted to hospital

•       Hospital discharge records, which will include the results of treatment and whether any follow-up appointments or care which may be required

•       X-rays, photographs and other investigations such as MRI scans or CT scans

•       Contact details and other information the patient has shared with us

•       General Practitioners details


G and J Ortho Ltd have a written contract with DGL Practice Manager. This is an external professional organisation which acts as a data processor for the day to day management of G and J Ortho Ltd in order for us to efficiently collate and store electronic medical records, correspondence, and process invoices and receipts. Our account with them is private and access requires multi-factor authentication. All information is held on secure servers with any communication via encrypted email. This service also allows effective management of data requests and audit. It is integral to the performance and running of the practice and allows us to continue to offer provision of our medical service in adherence to the GMC guidelines of Good Medical Practice.


We do not share any records or details other than in communication with other medical professionals, your GP, medical and allied professionals involved in your treatment, without your specific permission/consent. For patients who are under the age of 16 years old, all communication will be via their parents or guardian.


G and J Ortho Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioners Office.


Access to Personal Information

You have a legal right to apply for access to your medical records. You do not need to give a reason. Should you wish to do so, an appropriate request can be made by submission of a Subject Access Request Form. This will be responded to by 21 days and met by 40 days. This is in line with NHS guidelines.


Change of Details


It is important that you inform us of any change in your details such as your name or address. Any personal data we hold which is incorrect or outdated – for example contact details – will be updated at the patient’s request though it is your responsibility to inform us of any changes.


We are obliged to keep medical health records for a minimum of 8 years. After this time both the electronic and paper records will be securely destroyed if you wish however we keep records long term in case you require information about your condition. This is especially useful if you have had a joint replacement.

As we have an obligation to keep the records for at least this period, we are unable to comply with individual requests for destruction of records prior to this time.


Your Right to Restrict Data Processing


We do not share data with any third party other than as already described. We do not routinely process information otherwise.


As medical professionals, we are regularly engaged in medical research. As such, certain anonymised data (for example outcome scores, range of movement and other clinical parameters) may be used in research projects. This information is not traceable or identifiable to individuals. Should we be actively recruiting patients into any research trials, this will be done on a purely individual and transparent basis with individual consent sought at the time.


Your Right to Object to Data Processing


All patients have a right to object to any processing of their information. This is published on the website and in written communication with the patient prior to their first appointment.


Data Protection Policy


G and J Ortho Ltd holds an appropriate data protection policy. We monitor and model our data protection policies on those used by the NHS and comply with GDPR guidelines. All our staff have formal training in data protection awareness and information governance.


G and J Ortho Ltd is a responsible organisation which is aware of the sensitive nature of the information and data it holds on record itself or with its data processing partner (DGL Practice Manager). G and J Ortho Ltd endeavours to be proactive in its responsibility in handling this data and thereby effectively manages and mitigates any risk.




Should you have any concerns how your information is managed at G and J Ortho Ltd, please contact us via Juliet Stranks at accounts@stranksorthopaedic.co.uk. If you are still unhappy you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) via their website (www.ico.co.uk).


Data Protection Officer


Mr G J Stranks is the nominated Data Protection Officer for G and J Ortho Ltd.